I am sure that many of you have questions about WGUNITED. As avid soccer fans and players (even at our advanced age!), we cringed watching our kids play "swarm" soccer in YMCA and CYC leagues. We decided to become more active in training our kids how to play soccer from both a technical and intellectual level. We strongly believe that in building a love for the game, kids will train better and play harder as they become more confident on the field.

Many youth soccer clubs will tell you they want their players to have fun, but then they show you how many trophies they have won and how many out of state tournaments they go to each year. If you are a parent that wants your child to have a cabinet full of soccer trophies, then we are not the club for you. Make no mistake; we are not a recreational soccer club. We strive to be competitive on the field. However, we do not employ a win-at-all-costs coaching philosophy. Youth players learn by playing, not by being told how to play. If you ask your child why they want to play soccer, having fun will be at the top of their list and winning will be at the bottom. Our training sessions are geared toward engaging each player in continuous soccer activities. Players get hundreds if not thousands of touches at each practice, becoming familar and then confident with the ball. This motivates young players to be more aggressive so that they spend more time with the ball in the game than their opponent. A confident player wants to show off their skills.

Our coaching philosophy is largely built on the Dutch teachings of individual skills, use of space, and increased pace of play. As such, we empasize small sided games and individual drills that build on these ideals. Coaches, players and parents enjoy seeing a good brand of soccer on the pitch. Winning is a bonus that often accompanies great soccer.

  • Dutch-style of player training (No lines, lots of movement, emphasis on technical abilities)
  • Kids play on teams with their friends and make new Webster area friends (our first team of girls came from all Webster elementary schools and now the girls are all freshman in high school together!)
  • Our costs are hundreds of dollars less than other clubs
  • Priorities are: 1) Have fun, 2) Learn, 3) Compete, 4) Repeat
  • We are not league doormats using this fun-first format. We have 2-Championship Division teams and 3-Division 1 SLYSA teams.
  • Wins and losses do NOT matter until you get to high school. What college coach has ever asked a player what their record was in 5th grade? Do you want your child to become a strong player or be a weak player on a winning team? Which is more gratifying for your child and which is more gratifyig for you?

We are in it for the long haul. We started with a single team and have rapidly grown to seventeen teams in just six years. Our goal is to add more teams to WGUNITED as more area parents become interested in our style of teaching and want to bring their kids into the mix. We welcome individual players of all ages and entire teams; you are more than welcome to contact us directly to get the ball rolling. We have already done the legwork and have been through what works and what doesn't so that we can better serve you as you get your WGUNITED team started. We have no personnel costs; WGUNITED is run entirely by volunteer staff and coaches. We are as transparent a WYSWYG club as you will find anywhere.