In the spring of 2008, the Webster Groves United Soccer Club took the field for the very first time. It was an unforgettable moment. The U9 girls were playing a talented Lou Fusz team out at Gametime Sports. For those of you that don't know, Gametime (once called Omni Sports) has three indoor fields and one 8v8 outdoor artifical turf field. The girls took the pitch and stared in wonder at the turf beneath their cleats. They were also caught off guard when the ref asked them all to tuck in their jerseys!

Lou Fusz scored about 15 seconds into the game while the girls were still staring at each other. They played really hard and lost 5-0. But, they were smiling ear to ear. They had even managed to hit the post in the second half while not giving up any goals. The girls ended up winning a game in the rain on their first game under the lights and drew the top team 0-0 at the end of the year. We practiced once a week on any open field that we could find. The coaches constantly scouted out new fields that we could sneak onto in the early evening in case we got kicked off another field (which happened several times).


In the summer of 2010, the Webster Groves United Soccer Club stepped into the world of boys soccer. We added our first U8 Boys soccer team with players from Bristol and Clark Elementary Schools. Again, our emphasis was on proper training while having tons of fun. This team played in the New Dimensions Watermelon League in the summer and St. Luke's in the fall and spring. In 2011, the team included players from all over the Webster Groves School District, Glendale, Mary Queen of Peace, and The College School.

In the fall of 2011, the Club had one U9 boys team, one U9 girls team, and one U12 girls team all playing in SLYSA. Parents from the U12 team donated enough money to purchase two regulation soccer goals that were placed on the Ivory Crockett baseball outfield. Ivory Crockett served as our Club practice field for one season before the city kicked us off during baseball season. This is what started the push for our own soccer only practice field. In 2012, the Club added four new girls teams and two new boys teams, growing to over 100 players.


The Webster Groves United Soccer Club logo has undergone a couple changes over the years. The original 2008 logo was designed to incorporate some aspect of fireballs. We went with UNITED instead of fireballs to show that we were a more open community team in Webster Groves. This would become even more important later when we included boys teams with our girls teams. We chose dragons as a main symbol because it was the only thing we could come up with that related to fireballs! The crown above the shield was a cool symbol for the history behind the founding of Webster Groves. In 1892 (year of the dragon!), Webster was advertised by land developers as the "Queen of the Suburbs". Hence the crown. In 2011, we altered the logo to a more print-friendly design. We modified the dragon and lost the crown due to space restraints. The Club rapidly grew to include multiple girls and boys teams with over 100 players. In 2014, the Club swelled to 250 players on 17 teams. We also hired artist Jordan Fretz to re-design our logo. The dragon was remade to be more printer friendly and recognizable. Jordan incoporated a nice touch with the crowns. You will see four orange crowns and a single white crown. The four crowns represent the four nieghborhoods, Selma, Tuxedo Park, Webster Park, and Old Orchard, that merged with Webster to form Webster Groves in 1896. The UNITED really emphasizes the merging of boys and girls teams in Webster Groves.


The Webster Groves United Soccer Club has had some dynamic jerseys in the past seven years. Some were very creative in both design and where we purchased them. Our original jersey was purchased online for about $10 from Score Sports. The kids loved the flames on the sleeves and the orange was glow in the dark neon for the home jersey. We were the brightest team in SLYSA! In the summer of 2009, we had our first sponsor, Bellisima Construction, and Coach Weber handmade all of the summer jerseys with iron-on decals to save money. In the fall of 2009, we re-purposed Chelsea away jerseys from a Chinese online bidding site. All 200 jerseys arrived at Coach Weber's house wrapped in 50lb parcels of duct tape. I can only imagine how they got through customs. In 2011, WGUNITED signed a contract with Adidas and our first Tabela jerseys arrived. In 2014, Adidas revamped the Tabela line. We also now offer our SLYSA teams the custom Adidas jersey options.