WGUNITED was started by concerned parents and we know some of the problems that parents of young soccer players have. We have set up this web page just for you. Some parents will share our concern for the privacy and safety of our children when it comes to the internet. For this reason, we will not post any players' full names or phone numbers. On the other hand, team photos and statistics are a fun and secure way to get involved with our website. Please feel free to send along any photos during the season and we will make every effort to post them on our website.


The role that parents play in the life of a young soccer player has a tremendous impact on their experience. With this in mind, we have provided you with some helpful reminders as we approach the coming season.

  • Let the coaches coach. You have entrusted your child to these coaches and they need to be free to do their job. If a player has too many coaches, it is confusing for them and performance usually declines. Keep your in-game comments to "Good Hustle" or "Great play".
  • Be your child's best fan.  Support your child unconditionally. Support and root for all Club players. Help foster teamwork. Your child's teammates are not the enemy. When they are playing better or worse than your child, the whole team learns from the experience.
  • Display appropriate game behavior. Be supportive and cheer, but be appropriate. A player needs to focus on what they can control in the game. If they start focusing on the referee, weather, field conditions, or opponent, they will not play up to their ability.
  • Have fun. That is what we will be trying to do. We will be challenging your child to reach their ultimate game, pushing them past their comfort level. We will do this in an environment that is fun, yet demanding.


If you are at the game and find yourself yelling the following words or phrases, STOP. You are only adding to the pressure your child feels by playing in front of you and other parents. Let them play.

  • Don't yell "SHOOT".........................................Do cheer when we score a goal.
  • Don't yell "PASS IT TO BILLY, HE'S OPEN"....Do yell, "NICE BALL"
  • Don't yell "COME ON, TAKE IT FROM HIM"...Do yell, "NICE PLAY ON THE BALL"


Watch this video and you immediately feel for the young referee. We often forget as parents and coaches that referees are people too. Most of the time they are very young and as such inexperienced. They make mistakes. They have emotions. Remember, the outcome of the game is NOT what matters. Take a deep breath and enjoy the game. Avoid being the confrontational parent in this video.


Look at the aguish of this young 10 year old after making a simple mistake and being called out by the entire parent sideline, especially what is mst likely his mom. Do you think he will want to keep playing soccer after this? Let the coaches coach. Players will make mistakes, but let them learn. If you want to coach, come see me about getting a coaching license.


The St. Louis Youth Soccer Association league is run as a subsidiary of the Missouri Youth Soccer Association. Independent and Club teams from all over the state of Missouri compete in SLYSA in the fall and spring seasons. SLYSA has strict guidlines for age and roster composition. WGUNITED is a member of MYSA and enters teams in SLYSA fall and spring sessions. The SLYSA Board of Directors determines which Division (level of competition) each team is entered in. Each session consists of 8-10 games on any day of the week excpet Monday. Games are all over the metro area within a 40 minute drive. Follow those guidelines and you and your player will have a lot of fun:

  • Dress for the weather. If it is chilly in Webster it will be downright cold at the field. If it is hot in Webster, it will be scorching at the field. There is no shelter from the elements making the weather extreme.
  • Plan for traffic. On weeknights, traffic can be bad around I-170 and I-270. Make sure you plan accordingly so that you do not arrive late to games.
  • Don't worry about the score. There are plenty of clubs that are out to win at all costs in order to show their club parents that they are spending huge sums of money wisely. Focus instead on the improved skills of your child and their teammates.
  • Don't worry about the other team. The other coach may be obnoxious. The other parents may be rude. The other team might play unfairly. Focus on the skills of your team.
  • Have fun. Don't rate your child's performance after the game or give them advice. They already heard that from their coach. They only want to hear one thing, "Great job, I had a lot of fun watching you play."